Lethal Ceramic Total Package


Whether you want to apply a new ceramic coat or provide the best maintenance for your existing coating, the Lethal Ceramic Total Package is the best choice.

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Our Lethal Ceramic Total Package includes six different Lethal Lambo products to protect the ceramic coating or apply a new one. Our products are made in the USA and contain Si02, which is a natural compound that protects ceramic coatings. With the Lethal Ceramic Total Package, you can ensure your vehicle is safe from grime, bugs, and rainwater with a high-gloss and streak-free finish.

  • 16 oz Lethal Spray Ceramic Coating 30% Si02
  • 16 oz Lethal Ceramic Boost Spray 15% Si02
  • 16 oz Lethal Ceramic Detail Spray 5% Si02
  • 16 oz Lethal Prep Spray
  • 16 oz Decon. Car Shampoo
  • 16 oz Ceramic Car Shampoo

Products included in the Lethal Ceramic Total Package should on be used on cool, clean surfaces. DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCTS TO DRY ON THE SURFACE. Work in products with a quality microfiber towel. Flip over microfiber towel buff to a shine. Allow four hours for the product to cure. Do not wash or get the vehicle wet for 24 hours after ceramic application.

The Result
Our si02 infused spray ceramic package adds a slick, smooth surface, hydrophobic gloss enhancer, and extends protection against environmental fallout. Where other inferior products lose their protectant after a couple of washes, ours is designed to last. To maximize the finish and protection of your spray coating, do not go through car washes. Instead, wash your car by hand using Lethal Ceramic Car Shampoo and a microfiber wash mitt. Use quality microfiber towels to apply and maintain the coatings and a microfiber waffle towel to wash the coated vehicle. Using Lethal Ceramic Detail Spray 5% Sio2 after every car wash helps to maintain and protect your coating. After every six car washes, use Lethal Ceramic Boost Spray to maintain your vehicle’s ceramic coating.

Pairs Well With:

  • Lethal Ceramic Car Shampoo
  • Lethal Advanced Lethal Detail Spray
  • Waterless Wash with Sio2
  • Lethal Prep Spray

Harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting. Contact Poison Control Immediately. Use only as directed. If splashed in the eyes, remove contact lenses and flush the eyes for 15 minutes. Immediately consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

What Is Top Tier Si02 Quality?
Si02 or silicon dioxide is a natural compound that is the main chemical providing protection in ceramic vehicle coatings. Where other brands may only have less than 5% Si02, we infuse 15% for additional protection that lasts. If supercar owners trust this on their vehicles, we know it’s perfect for your daily driver.

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