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Premium Car Care You Can Trust

Lambo Lethal provides vehicle owners with top-performance, specially-formulated products for premium car care. Our team has spent years researching, designing and implementing vehicle cleaning and care products that leave cars spotless and maintain a flawless shine on the interior and exterior. We test our products on Supercars before offering them to vehicle owners. Regardless of year, make or model, any ride receives the slickest shine at the most affordable prices. We’re devoted to providing supercars and regular vehicles with the highest quality ingredients and gentle yet maximized concentration to keep them in constant mint condition.

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Supercar-Tested, Driver-Approved

Our story begins with a need for better care products and the science necessary to formulate them. Before we started, our founder spent years searching for the perfect Lamborghini care products and tried everything, but nothing would deliver the promised results. After years of frustration, our founder reached out to chemical engineers, manufacturers and scientists to help formulate products that would clean his Lamborghini and exceed the highest standards. Their efforts resulted in customized and expertly designed car care products that use the power of science to maintain a spotless appearance. Our products are tested on Supercars before hitting the broader market. Your vehicle will stay slick and maintain a beautiful appearance always.

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Ingredients Sourced in the USA

We’re car people first and foremost, so we understand the demands and desires of all vehicle owners. If quality is what you want, you’ve got it. The ingredients used for our vehicle care products are sourced from the U.S. and we keep production here as well. After applying our formulated shampoos and sprays, you’ll see the shimmering, shining difference instantly. We adhere to strict production protocols and perform our supercar cleaning test before offering our products to vehicle owners. If our products maintain a McLaren exceptional quality and enhance its protection and strength, they’ll also serve yours.

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