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Everything Your Car Needs

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, it is crucial that you have all the right supplies and products. Lambo Lethal carries car care accessories to help you maintain your ride. You have invested time, money, and distance in your car, so ensuring it runs smoothly and looks its best is vital to getting the most out of your investments. Keeping the outside and the inside of your car clean maintains the health and safety of your ride and, most importantly, allows you to enjoy every second you spend on the road. We provide practical and powerful cleaning products and additional supplies to ensure that the time you spend taking care of your car is stress-free.

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Lethal Glass Towel 3 Pack

Perfect towel to use while cleaning your glass.

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Lethal Waffle Towel 2 Pack

The only towel you should be using to clean your vehicle. The towel has dimples built into the material to catch dirt and not rub the dirt across your painted surface. Ships in various colors.

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Lethal 320 GSM Towel 3 pack

This towel has the perfect pile height for applying spray coatings.

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Lethal 420 GSM Towel 3 Pack

This two-side towel is great for buffing on the low pile side and finish shine buffing on the high pile side.

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Lethal Detail Brush Set

Five pieces to fit all differs areas of the vehicle for deep and detailed cleaning. We recommend having one set for interiors and one for exteriors.

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car engine with detailer

Car Care Accessories for the Best Clean

Our team loves cars, so we know how valuable caring for your vehicle is. We pride ourselves on giving you access to high-quality car care accessories with prices that won’t make you look the other way. Regularly cleaning your car protects the paint job, prevents clutter from accumulating, and keeps you on the road. We have detail brushes to help you clear out those hard-to-reach areas of the engine, wheels, interior, and everywhere else. Our car care towel selection includes premium microfiber fabric that prevents scratching surfaces. Whether you need a car-safe wash mitt or glass cleaning towels, we have the supplies for the job. As our business expands, we continue to increase our inventory and have additional products coming soon.

Get a Professional Detail From Your Own Garage

It is empowering to have everything you need right in your garage. Our business grew from our passion for caring about our vehicles adequately. We strive to give drivers everywhere the power to maintain their own cars to the best of their ability. With our car care accessories, you can give your vehicle the comprehensive cleanse it deserves. Taking care of your car is not just about maintaining its paint job. It is about how you feel behind the wheel. In this increasingly busy world, a lot of time is spent driving from one place to the next. You have the right to be confident and comfortable out on the road. Let us help keep you there. Visit our store or check out our products online.

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